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Validity is 180 days (≈6 months) from date of issue

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  • If the ‘For’ eMail is entered, a PDF copy of the eVoucher will be sent directly.
  • A copy will also be sent to the ‘From’ (your) eMail as set during checkout. Also via Dashboard.
  • The Message will be printed on the eVoucher. Avoid more than 5 lines (Limit of 250 characters).
  • Minimum Amount permitted to purchase is 15,000 or equivalent to the corresponding currency.
  • The value can be redeemed in parts or as a whole. In case your order value is higher than the available balance, it will be offset from the order.



  • This coupon can be used ONLINE at as well as at the Store (OFFLINE).
  • The coupon is only valid till the date mentioned as VALIDITY and will not be extened.
  • Remaining balance will be lost and will not be refunded. The validity holds true, even if the last date is a non working day.
  • Issued by Anushree at White Solitaire Private Limited, based on udated terms at
  • This voucher is non transferable. If any refund is applicable, it will based on
  • This is an eVoucher, does not require to be printed. Mentioning the correct code is client responsibility.
  • Loss or misuse of the code is client responsibility. Label Anushree will not be reponsible for any claim.
  • Code cannot be clubed with other offers. Code cannot be used for items on sale or to re-order out of stock.
  • The issuance and validity is at the sole discreation of Label Anushree with no clause of arbitration.
  • The SHOP WORTH value will be calculated in INR (India Rupee) based on the usage dates’ real time exchange value with and overage of 5% and rounded up to the closed value of multiple of 5 (five).